1. The club shall be called The BT Leeds Recreational Club.


2a. To promote the social, sporting, cultural and educational interests of all club members.

2b. To provide facilities for the organisation of any event to assist a recognised charitable cause as and when approved by the General Purpose Committee.


3a. BT staff shall be eligible for Ordinary Membership but not Associate Membership.

3b. Life members may be elected at an Annual General Meeting as a mark of recognition for services rendered to the Club.

3c. Retiring Ordinary members shall be eligible to retain membership.

3d. Associated members may be co-opted by sections to enable them to function, but the number of associate members in any section must not exceed 60% of the total section members.

3e. Junior members, under 16 who are children of ordinary members may participate in section activities within the constitution of the section.

4a. Ordinary members and Retiring Ordinary members shall have full use of all facilities of the Club and its Sections, subject to the payment of the appropriate Club and Section subscriptions and shall be eligible for election to the management of the Club and Sections.

4b. Life members shall have full use of all facilities of the Club and its Sections free and shall be eligible for election to the management of the Club and Sections.

4c. Associate members shall have full use of all facilities of the relative Section on payment of the required Section subscription and shall be eligible to be co-opted to the Section only.


5A. The Honorary Officers of the Club shall be:-

President Chairman

Vice Chairman

General Treasurer

General Secretary

Assistant General Secretary

Membership Secretary

5b. The management of the Club shall rest in a Council consisting of the Honorary Officers and Section Secretaries or Treasurers.


6a. The officers of the club and all Council Members shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election. The Treasurer must be an officer who in the President's opinion is suitable for the post.

6b. If a vacancy in the council arises, the Council shall have the right to fill the vacancy by co-opting an ordinary member.

6c. Five members of the council shall form a quorum at any of its meetings provided two or more are officers of the Club.


7. The council shall meet not less frequently than three times per year.


8. The Council shall appoint a General Purpose Committee to carry on the day to-day business of the Club. This committee shall be responsible for all its actions to the Council.

8b. The General purposes committee shall consist of:-

The Chairman

Vice Chairman

General Treasurer

General Secretary

Assistant General Secretary

Membership Secretary

8c. Any three of these shall form a quorum at any of its meeting. Other members of the Club may be co-opted on an ad hoc basis.


9a. The Club shall encourage sections to be formed to cover all recreations.

9b. Each Section shall elect annually its own Chairman, Secretary / Treasurer, Auditors and Committee and make its own regulations and competition rules. The Auditors shall not be members of the Committee. The regulations and rules shall subject always to the approval of the Council before publication.

9c. Ordinary membership of any Section shall be conditional upon the applicant's subscription to the Recreation Club being in order.

9d. With the consent of the council, a section may affiliate to an association recognised as controlling the particular sport with which the section deals.

9e Each Secretary / Treasurer shall

i. be responsible for the maintenance in good order of all equipment in use by the Section.

ii. forward to the General Secretary at least 21 days before the date of each Annual General Meeting a report covering the activities of the Section during the proceeding year, such report to be published in the report of the Annual General Meeting.


10a. The general funds shall be derived from:-

i. Voluntary payment of all ordinary members at the rate of not less than 44p per calendar month by deduction from pay, or direct annual payment of 5.20

ii Voluntary payment of all Retired Ordinary members by direct Annual payment of 5.20

iii. Donations

iv. The lottery.

10b. i. The funds of the Club should be in the names of the General Treasurer, Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

ii. A portion of the funds sufficient to meet current requirements should be lodged in a bank, withdrawals being by cheque, signed jointly by the General Treasurer and Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

iii. The remainder of the funds should be most beneficially invested in a Building Society and Stocks and Shares.

iv. Investments are to be made by the Investment Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and General Treasurer under the guidance of the Stockbroker or a Committee appointed by the Council to handle all investments. All investments are to be in 'Blue Chip' and not speculative shares.

10c. The General Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all monies due and for the payment of all Club accounts.

10d. The General Treasurer shall be empowered to keep in hand as much as he/she or the Council consider necessary.

10e. The financial year shall end on 30 September.

10f. i. The General Treasurer shall maintain a record of receipts and disbursements and shall prepare an annual statement at the end of the Club's financial year showing full particulars of all receipts and payments for the expired year.

ii. The treasurer's annual statement of receipts and payments shall be fully examined and certified by an external registered auditor or reporting accountant who shall be elected annually by the membership and who shall not be Officers or members, or their connected persons, of the Committee. Thereafter, the statement shall be submitted to the Committee and to the AGM and after approval, shall be exhibited for the information of the members.

iii. An annual certificate signed by a registered auditor or reporting accountant and the Chairman or Vice-Chairman in addition to the Treasurer, shall be submitted to the President to the effect that the Club's accounts have been prepared correctly in accordance with the books and records kept and approved by the AGM. The club's detailed accounts need not be submitted.

10g. The General Purpose committee shall have power to make financial grants not exceeding one hundred pounds (200 including VAT) to sections.

10h. The Council shall have power to make financial grants not exceeding one thousand pounds without recourse to a General Meeting.


11a. Lottery shares may be taken up only by ordinary members of the Recreational Club.

11b. Shares of 44p per month for salaried staff paid for out of deductions from pay or direct annual payment of 5.20 on application by members.


12a. Each Section shall fix if appropriate, an annual Subscription to help meet the expenses of the Section and shall endeavour to be self supporting.

12b. The financial year for all Sections shall coincide with that of the Club.

12c. Each Secretary / Treasurer shall keep proper accounts and be responsible for all Section income and expenditure.

12d. Each Section Secretary / Treasurer shall submit a copy of the audited balance sheet to the Council immediately following the AGM.

12e. Each Secretary / Treasurer of any Section requiring financial assistance from the general funds shall apply in writing to the General Treasurer for such assistance stating the amount required and giving details of the purpose for which it is required.


13a. An Annual General Meeting of members shall be held during November or December of which not less than 14 days notice shall be given to members, for the transaction of the following business:-

1 Minutes of the last General Meeting

2 President's Address

3 Chairman's Address

4 General Secretary's report

5 Reports on Sectional Activities

6 General Treasurer's report

7 Election of Officers, Auditors and Life Members

8 Changes to Rules

9 Propositions

10 Urgent Business introduced under the authority of the Chairman

13b Ordinary, Retired Ordinary, Life, and Associate Members shall be eligible to attend a General Meeting. Associate Members shall not be allowed to vote.

13c. Nominations for elections to Officership and the council shall be in writing signed by the proposer and nominee and shall be in the hands of the General Secretary at least seven days prior to the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.

13d. All items for inclusion in the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting must be in the hands of the General Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the date fixed for such meeting.

13e. An extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened at the discretion of the Council or on a written request signed by at least thirty members stating the business to be discussed. Not less than 14 days notice shall be given of such meetings.

13f. A report of the Annual General Meeting shall be published within one calendar month of being held.


14a. These Rules shall be amended, deleted or added to only at a General Meeting.

14b. The interpretation of the Rules laid down in this constitution shall rest with the Council.

15. Sections shall amend their Rules as necessary to conform with the rules of the Club, or any amendments, additions to, or deletions from the Rules of the Club.


16. In the event of the Club being no longer viable, the Club funds shall be divided equally between Ordinary and Life members shown on the records 12 months prior to Wind-up