The BT Leeds Angling Club is a thriving section with a history of nearly forty years. In the early sixties a dedicated group of about a dozen engineers obtained the fishing rights to an overgrown, weed chocked small lake on the outskirts of Leeds, known locally as 'Paul's Pond'.

Over a period of several months these engineers dedicated their weekends and summer evenings to clear weed from the lake, cut down trees and bushes and build fences. When all the preparatory work was completed the lake was stocked with course fish and the Leeds Telephones Angling Club was formed. In those early days the club used to meet in the Leeds Arms pub next door to the telephone house in Westgate.

The existing members are more than grateful for the work put in by the original group as the lake flourished and 'Paul's Pond' became the best still water fishery in the Leeds area.

In 1993 we had a major setback when the construction of a new golf club on adjoining land caused a pollution problem resulting in a two day netting operation to rescue the fish. Since then we have built up the stocks again and once more have a thriving fishery full of Carp (to 20Ib), Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch.

The club also has an active match section offering approx twelve matches per year on a variety of top class venues to cater for all tastes.

New members are always welcome and any BT employee can join immediately for an annual fee of £4 - where else can you get access to a private lake plus a series of twelve matches annually for just £4?